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About Us

Maxwell Sensors Inc (“MSI”), our name derived from our work to MAXimize WELLness through the design of advanced biomolecular testing systems, is a California-based biomedical research and development company founded in 1998.



   ►   Mission


MSI’s mission is to develop and commercialize miniaturization, integration, and total automation technology for biomedical applications.


MSI commits itself to research and development of high quality biomedical testing systems to enhance screening and diagnostics in the medical industry, serving both established and emerging markets.



   ►   Growth - Improving Function with Affordable Technology


MSI has grown to be a key player in R&D of high performance, automated novel tools designed to simplify, accelerate and improve screening, diagnostic and monitoring diseases, pharmaceutical drug screening, and environmental monitoring systems in compliance with the FDA’s quality criteria. Our company has enjoyed enormous success in securing grants and creating development partnerships with government, academic and private organizations to drive innovation in its areas of interest. 


We credit our success to our highly talented and experienced team of scientific and business professionals who have earned a solid reputation in the biomedical industry as developers of “cost-effective products that do not compromise quality”.



   ►   Today - Chemiluminescence Leader


MSI is one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of chemiluminescence.


We are currently focused on developing next generation technologies and products using an interdisciplinary team of scientists in the fields of molecular biology, immunoassay, physics, optics, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering. MSI also maintains an extensive collaborative network with universities, government laboratories, and industrial partners. This approach enables us to extract optimum efficiency and resources and leverage those advantages to help our clients maximize the benefit of our powerful tools.


In addition to sensor development, MSI pursues research and development of custom systems for government and commercial contracts.


Our clients include government agencies, universities and biomedical companies in both domestic and international market sectors.



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