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Optical Thermal Mapping Catheter

Cardiovascular events remain largely unpredictable. However, recently, inflammation has been recognized as being associated with the formation and progression of vulnerable plaque. It has been observed that the inflamed necrotic core of a vulnerable plaque deposit is a fraction of a degree to a few degrees higher than the surrounding tissue.


MSI is developing an optical thermal mapping technology for real-time temperature monitoring of a vessel wall, with high sensitivity, accuracy, and ease of use.


   ►   Technology


The technology is based on hair-thin optical fibers, encoded with optical gratings derived from state-of-the-art optical fiber communication. Fiber gratings reflect light of particular bandwidths and can act as high-performance optical thermal sensors.  The reflected bandwidths are extremely narrow. A minute temperature change around the fibers, changes the effective refractive index, and leads to modulation of reflective wavelengths. The OTMC incorporates multiple optical fibers into a basket catheter that can simultaneously map thermal distribution in-situ.


   ►   Advantages


At present the small plaques that coronary angiography judges as "non-significant” appear to be the source of many heart attacks. It appears that inflammation within the plaques causes them to rupture.


MSI’s developing technology offers a real-time opportunity to track temperature changes related to inflammation, changes which may forecast the imminent rupture of plaques and subsequent closing off of coronary arteries.


   ►   Applications


MSI is currently developing an optical thermal mapping catheter (OTMC) that operates in-situ, transmitting minute temperature changes in artery walls.


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