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Fluorescence Strip Scanner for
In Vitro Diagnostics

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Maxwell Sensor’s portable FS-Scanner offers a fluorescence detection approach to improve rapid diagnostic testing.


Fluorescence detection offers

improved sensitivity




Immunochromatography color strips, used for rapid testing of diseases or pathogens, is based on visual inspection or absorption measurement which has been reported to have limited sensitivity. Fluorescence immunoassay (FIA) has become a promising alternative in-vitro diagnostic (IVD)method because it offers better sensitivity in comparison to the color strips.


The Fluorescence Strip Scanner (FS-Scanner) is designed to scan multiple samples with the flexibility to use different excitation and fluorescence wavelengths for a variety of fluorophores. The system can be used for strip characterization and can be customized with a specific excitation light source for IVD applications.


   ►   Features

Rapid detection

The FS-Scanner is equipped with a light source, optical fiber, scanner, spectrometer, detector, and software. The fluorescence signal is carried through an optical fiber probe into a spectrometer and CCD for spectral analysis. The scanner scans a three-inch strip (with or without a plastic cartridge) with a spatial resolution of 0.1 mm in a few seconds.



Push buttons (e.g., Control, Test) are used to move the optical probe directly to the specific location. Since the selection of excitation light source and wavelength depends on the choice of the fluorophore, the light source used in the system is changeable. The generic FS-Scanner system is facilitated with a red diode laser with a wavelength at 635 nm for excitation.


Runs on a PC or laptop

The FS-Scanner requires an external PC with a USB connection for signal collection and data processing. Both fluorescence spectrum and intensity are displayed on the screen.


   ►   Specifications

Strip format: 1.0" x 4" x 0.5" with or without plastic cartridge. Configurable to customer dimension.
Scan distance: 3 inch
Scan spatial resolution: 0.1 mm
Illumination spot size: 1 mm
Fluorescence wavelength: 300 ~ 1,000 nm in spectral display
Dynamic range: Four decades
Optical detector: Linear CCD
Integration time: 0.01 ~ 10.0 S
Excitation light source:
Diode laser 635 nm (5 -10 mW)
LEDs 380nm, 475nm, 518nm, 590nm, 640nm (35-50µW)
Call for other light sources (Xenon, Deuterium, etc.), not included
Optical filter: Depends on the wavelength selection
Interface & OS: USB to PC or Notebook (PC or Notebook not included); Windows XP, 2000
Software: CD with user friendly software
Data output: Spectrum and Intensity
Power requirement: 115V, 60Hz
Dimension: 12" L x 11" W x 4.5" H
(30cm L x 28cm W x 11cm H)
Weight: 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kgs.)

   ►   Applications

Immunoassay (bacteria, virus, toxin, and pathogen) and proteomics strip tests
Nucleic acid, DNA assay, and Genomics strip tests
Rapid and point-of-care clinical diagnostics
Food and environmental tests
Biothreat agent and toxin tests
Strip fabrication and characterization tests

   ►   FS-Scanner Users

Clinical diagnostic industry
IVD manufacturers
Hospital research laboratories
Food industry
Environmental testing


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