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                                          KetoneMaxô Monitor




Maxwell Sensorís KetoneMax monitoring device provides a fast and accurate way to manage your low carbohydrate diet for safe weight loss.


Dieters should monitor
the level of ketones in the body
to lose weight

at an optimal rate


The body uses two fuels for energy: fat and glucose (blood sugar). Carbohydrates in the diet break down in the body as glucose. When you cut down on carbohydrates, you effectively leave only one source for energy, fat, which must be "burned" away through the metabolic process called lipolysis or ketosis. This process releases ketones as a waste product in urine. For those with extra body fat, stimulating a safe level of ketosis is a natural weapon for combating overweight. However, since ketosis can also damage organs such as the kidneys, dieters should take steps to manage the level of ketosis they experience.


The standard method for monitoring ketones is the ketone urine test strip, a qualitative device that measures ketones by color change. The KetoneMax dramatically improves on the ketone test strip by transforming the qualitative color measurement scale into a fully accurate quantitative measurement of ketosis.


The KetoneMax monitor is in development and is currently patent-pending.


   ►   Features

Requires minimal sample

Unlike the commercially available ketone test strip that must be submerged in several inches of urine, KetoneMax works with one drop of urine placed on a specially treated test strip available for use with the monitor.


Results are not subject to changes over time

Standard ketone test strips continue to change color over time, leading to inaccurate test results. KetoneMax reads and records the test strip results at the precise completion of the chemical reaction.


Results are recorded

The KetoneMax records results in its memory to provide a longitudinal view of progress. Using this monitoring history, you can adjust or customize the ratio of carb/protein/fat intake and control your weight loss at the best rate for you. KetoneMax, integrated with ketosis urine strips, provides a quantitative indicator for proper weight loss while protecting essential lean muscle tissue without the guesswork.



   ►   Specifications

Optical Detection: 0 - 200 mg/dl
Sample quantity: 1-drop urine
Measuring time: 30 seconds
Memory capacity: 500 tests with time and date stamp
Ketone bodies: Acetoacetic acid (the by product of burning fat)
Accuracy: CV 5-10 %
Ketone Strip: 100 Strips per bottle


  ►   Applications

People who want to monitor the effectiveness of their dietary programs.
People who want to lose weight through the consumption of a low carbohydrate diet.
People who want to know how many carbohydrates they can eat, while still maintaining weight loss.
People who want to lose weight by burning body fat instead of burning muscle tissue.

   ►   Important Information for Dieters

Follow your doctorís recommended diet plan.

This product is not intended for monitoring the ketosis index in people with diabetes or other diagnosed diseases or disorders.


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