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LuminMax-C is a compact scientific model designed for highly sensitive chemiluminescence and bioluminescence detection. The system accurately quantifies the luminescence intensity with single photon resolution in a 96-well microplate.


Capitalizing on the
single photon counting sensitivity
and excellent reproducibility
for your
bio and chemiluminescence experiments

Bioluminescence and chemiluminescence applications have increased dramatically, from the ATP-luciferase assay for cell viability to DNA, genomic, and proteomic analysis.


   ►   Features


High sensitivity

        We use a state-of-the-art, photon-counting multiplier tube with proprietary single photon circuitry as a detector to provide attomoles sensitivity - One to two orders of magnitudes more sensitive than the products on the market.

        With single photon resolution, LuminMax-C is engineered to count the absolute number of photons generated from the reaction resulting in detection of trace analyte in samples.


High reproducibility and consistency

LuminMax-C utilizes a microplate with a clear bottom (bottom reading) that fixed the distance between sample and detector; therefore, minimize the large variation that often occurred in the top reading system.


Simple to use, runs on a PC or laptop

LuminMax-C utilizes a PC or notebook as its microprocessor. The system is interfaced to a computer by a simple plug-in (USB or serial port) connection. With a simple click of the "Go" botton, the system promptly scans all of the selected microwells then  displays the results,  reported as number of photon counts or relative light units (RLU), in real time as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


A CD, with user-friendly software, is provided for easy installation.


   ►   Specifications

Optical detection: Chemi- or bio-luminescence
Plate format: Microplate (96 wells)
Sensitivity: 1 attomole HRP and ATP
Optical wavelength: 300 ~ 680 nm
Dynamic range: Seven decades
Optical detector: Photoncounting PMT
Cross-talk: < 6 x 10-5
Operation: Automoted scanning any or all wells; Integration time (0.01 ~ 10.0 S) per well; Adjustable number of scans; Adjustable delay for kinetic study
Interface: Serial or USB to PC or Notebook (PC or Notebook not included)
Software: CD with user friendly software; Display all microwell data
Data output: Excel format in MS Windows
Power requirement: 115V, 60Hz
Dimension: 12" W x 11" L x 5.8" H
(30cm W x 28cm L x 15cm H)
Weight: 19.8 lbs. (9 kgs.)

   ►   Applications

ATP assay
Luciferase assay
Immunoassay & proteomics
Nucleic acid, DNA assay & Genomics
Clinical diagnostics
Genomic analysis
Toxicity test
Cell viability test
Restaurant sanitary test

   ►   Luminometer Users

Biotechnology research laboratories
University biological and biochemical laboratories
Government biological and biomedical laboratories
Hospital research laboratories
Food industry, environmental or forensic testing

   ►   To Order


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