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                                          MicroDx 1000 -  High Sensitivity Point-of-Care System



MicroDx 1000 Flyer
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Maxwell Sensors has developed MicroDxTM 100 Point-of-Care System, a simple, affordable testing center that centralizes most rapid tests into one highly accurate, easy-to-use application.

The Importance and
Value of

Diagnostic Testing

Physicians depend on rapid diagnostic testing for diagnosis confirmation, disease monitoring, or determining levels of abused drugs in a patient's system. A timely, accurate diagnosis can mean the difference between relief of symptoms and prolonged suffering, between early intervention and missed therapeutic opportunities, and, in some cases, between life and death.


Rapid test products, such as pregnancy, Strep A, and influenza test kits, are available on a worldwide basis for many different medical conditions.  These simple tests provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information in physicians’ offices, hospitals, clinical laboratories and other patient settings.


   ►   Features

Low-cost, easy to use
The MicroDxTM 1000 Point-of-Care System (MicroDx), jointly developed with Applied Micro Diagnostics, is:

·        low cost

·        easy-to-use

·        has high sensitivity,

·     can be seamlessly interfaced into a physician's office or hospital information management system.

The MicroDx uses nano-fluorescent particles together with a low cost but highly sophisticated detection system to provide qualitative or semi-quantitative test results depending on the test application and required sensitivity. The system includes electronic data transfer to reduce errors and ensure that results are integrated into the patient electronic medical record.

Increased sensitivity
The MicroDxTM 1000 utilizes a low cost, disposable test cartridge or test strip with chemistry applications that can be used in the hospital laboratory or at the point of care. The MicroDx provides up to 2 logs of increased sensitivity over currently available lateral flow immunoassay testing systems.

Testing applications are under development for infectious disease, cardiac disease, endocrinology, cancer testing and many others.

Easy Operation
The MicroDx is designed for easy operation. The system weighs approximately 6 pounds and has an extremely small footprint for space saving bench-top operation. The system is totally self-contained and requires no external plumbing or liquid storage. The MicroDx utilizes a Windows CE operating system with touch screen user interface for data entry. An external keyboard or barcode wand can also be used for more rapid data entry. The system has the ability to store 1000+ test results and is equipped with IT Connectivity for Serial RS232, IrDA and optional Ethernet communications.

The MicroDx is equipped with an embedded single board computer with Windows CE Operating System and applications to control hardware, process samples, calculate results, display results on LCD, store final results and transfer results to host computer upon request. The internal instrument temperature can be controlled in a range from 30˚ C to 95˚ C.  (Heating and cooling control for three zones including laser, cartridge, sensor board, motor control, laser power control, timer/counters, signal converters, thermal isolation.)


   ►   Specifications

Detection Type: Fluorescent
Sample Size: 5-100 microliters, Dependent on test
Maximum Tests per Cartridge: 1 (1 test with control)
Time to Result: 5 -15 minutes. Dependent on test
Self Contained: No plumbing or liquid storage required
User Interface/Data Entry: Touch screen for data entry
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE
Data Management: Ability to store up to 1000+ test results
IT Connectivity: Standard with serial RS232, IrDA with optional Ethernet
Operating Temperatures: 5° - 30° Centigrade
Power Requirements: Universal 90-240 VAC 1A @ 50-60VDC
Safety/Electrical: FCC Class A
Dimension: 8" x 12" x 5"
Weight: < 6 lbs.

   ►   Potential Clinical Test Menu

Infectious Disease (Influenza A/B, RSV, Group A Strep, Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas)
Cancer (ImmunoFOBT, PSA)
Cardiac Disease (CK/MB, Myoglobin, hsCRP, BNP, Troponin I)
Other (H. Pylori, parasites, transplantation drugs, therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs of abuse testing)

   ►   Other Applications

IImmunoassay (bacteria, virus, toxin, and pathogens) and proteomics strip tests
Nucleic acid (DNA assay and genomics strip tests)

   ►  Other Potential Users

Food & Beverage Industry / Food Safety Testing
Environmental Testing
Pharmaceutical Quality Control
Water Quality


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