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Our Technology

Maxwell Sensors Inc. (MSI), a leader in the development of molecular diagnostics and tests, is focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing next generation microfluidic and biochip platforms for a wide range of molecular diagnostics applications.

MCL Microfluidic-Disc

Digital Magnetic Beads

Optical Thermal Mapping Catheter


MSIís technologies combine the power of miniaturization, microfluidics, micro-to-nano particles and molecular signatures to provide:

        Total automation

        Highest sensitivity

        Multiplexed assays

        Precision for near-real time disease prognostics and diagnostics.

Our opto-electronic system is small and portable, allowing tests to be performed anytime or anyplace.

The resulting products serve many markets including:

        Point- of-care testing (POCT)

        Clinical in vitro diagnostics (IVD)

        Rapid field tests

        Therapy- monitoring, drug screening & development

        Proteomics and genomics applications.

MSIís strong network of commercial, academic and governmental collaborators accelerates our discovery process, keeping MSI at the forefront of molecular diagnostic exploration. 



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